Timothy the flying dog

A story always starts well when it involves a dog that thinks it can fly. And this story is no different, although it has to be said that the story does not end well for Timothy, the little daschund that jumped to his death.


It was the first warm day of spring and Timothy’s owner, feeling the warmth of the sun on her expensive and tasteless coat, made the unfortunate decision to take the roof down of her slightly sporty car. This was the first among several unfortunate events that ultimately led to Timothy’s untimely plight for freedom.


It was unfortunate that Timothy, feeling excited by the fast, blowing wind over the top of the car, would not settle and was far more alert than he ever usually was on car journeys. It was unfortunate that a bird, disturbed by the motorbike ahead of Timothy and his owner, flew past so low over the roofless car. And it was even more unfortunate that Timothy, feeling full of the joys of spring, thought the bird was, in fact, a ball thrown for him to fetch. And as his owner sped along, and Timothy, now airborne, mouth wide open, it was unfortunate that the only thing left behind to catch him was the hard, tarmac floor of the road.

Timothy the flying dog

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